Study Circle for Development Issues

The Study Circle for Development Issues SKOV (Studiekring voor ontwikkelingsvraagstukken) aims to contribute to shaping and spreading comprehensive visions on development issues worldwide and, to promote exchange of information in this field between its members and with others.

For this purpose, SKOV organizes seminars (in principle four per year) around special topics. Here, lecturers from different perspectives expose their views on the subject of the seminar followed by discussions with participants. World food prices, smallholder agriculture, livestock, a country-series, development policy and, currently, an Africa-series are some of the subjects addressed in our seminars.
For an overview of all our activities, please take a look at our website.

SKOV was established in 1977 and has now around 160 members who have been or are working in developing countries. Members as well as non-members participate in its seminars. In attending the seminars, students may earn brownie/study points for their studies. Since 2013 SKOV works in cooperation with student association Nji-Sri and with study association Ipso Facto.


Ir Cor de Jong (president) 
T 0317 451777

Ir Corrie Roeper (vice-president) 
T 0318 - 414235 (out of hours)

Ir Jan Bouwhuis (general assistent) 
T 0317-616883

Ir Marijke Huydts (secretary/treasurer)

Ir Gijs Kok (advisor public relations) 
T 0317-413186 / 06-51701802


p/a KLV, p.o. box 79 , 6700 AB Wageningen, The Netherlands. Email address:  


For an overview of the contribution, click here (only in Dutch available). 



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