What is KLV?

KLV is Wageningen’s largest alumni network, with more than 8000 members. The association was set up in 1886. It provides a network for Wageningen graduates and for other professionals with links to Wageningen.

KLV is the largest Wageningen Alumni Network offering unique networking opportunities for getting and staying in contact with Wageningen University, its students and alumni.


KLV was originally set up (in 1886) as the professional association for academics who had jobs involving agriculture, nutrition, nature and the environment. KLV's objectives are defined as follows in the Articles of Incorporation:
1. To improve the quality of members’ professional activities
2. To encourage agricultural and environmental sciences
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To inspire, to connect, to strengthen

Our mission is to foster long lasting and beneficial relationships among alumni and between alumni and Wageningen University. Graduates pay an annual membership fee. Membership is free for students! Students and members who graduated in the past 5 years can participate in the Young KLV programme.

What is Young KLV?

There is a special programme for Young KLV (student members and youth members). Young KLV organises all sorts of activities that can either help your career move forward or help you grow in your personal development. These include lectures, workshops and debates which are held regularly and can focus on any current topic or in the field of life sciences. 
Check Young KLV to find out more about our Young KLV programme, services and benefits. 

KLV Services

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KLV is a professional network for more than 47.000 alumni of Wageningen University & Research!


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