25 aug. 2017

Young KLV recruited new members during the AID 2017

Like other years, Young KLV was present during the information market of the AID 2017 to inform upcoming students of their organization. When signing up, all new members received a gadget. It was a productive day, also due to the sunny weather, and KLV would like to welcome all new Young KLV members!

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Young KLV hopes to meet the new members at one of their events!



KLV is a professional network for more than 35.000 alumni of Wageningen University!


Young KLV, for students or freshly graduated students.

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Han Swinkels@lectorDVK

Aanmelden voor de #KLV Conferentie Inspired by Uncertainty kan nog steeds! Een ontmoetingsdag met #College Tour,… https://t.co/j5yPNkzgHw
4 hours, 54 minutes

Rens Buchwaldt@RensBuchwaldt

Nogal anders, het uitzicht bij de @VUamsterdam als je @WUR gewend bent... https://t.co/riUwjC2pQC
3 days, 2 hours


De KLV Update nr. 4 van 2017 is uit. Aandacht voor de College Tour op de #KLV-conferentie op 1 december met Harry W… https://t.co/2d2c7KsNAg
3 days, 4 hours

Arthur P.J. Mol@ArthurPJMol

Wageningen Student Anne Swank representing students from 7 EU universities, presenting at Euro League for Life Scie… https://t.co/nteKm5L8a2
3 days, 23 hours