27 may. 2018

World Wide Wageningen Alumni Day - Get your tickets now!

Wageningen University & Research celebrates its 100th anniversary at the World Wide Wageningen Alumni Day on june 23 with 47,000 alumni who have been spread all over the world after their studies at WUR. This day is an unique opportunity to retrieve memories, meet old study mates, gain new contacts and not in the least be inspired!

This day is all about Sustainable Food & Nutrition, healthy and safe food for everyone. A variety of events will take place around this theme. Not only on the campus in Wageningen, but also in the rest of the world.

In Wageningen itself a large event is being set up on the campus grounds. A selection of activities: memory lane, lectures, demos, guided tours, food trucks, watchtower, reunions, Live Cooking and an Online Worldwide Dialogue.

This versatile program offers you the possibility to fill in your day according to your own wishes (time 13.00-21.00).
Tickets cost € 55,- incl. VAT per ticket and you will receive 12 food/drink vouchers. As KLV-Member you will receive a discount of 15 euros. 

View the complete program in Wageningen and order a ticket quickly!

Tickets at: https://www.worldwidewageningen.nl/en/
More information at www.wur.nl/worldwidewageningen


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Gerrit Hiemstra 🐰@GerritHiemstra

Dit is waar het om draait: #Antarctica verliest steeds sneller massa en dat leidt tot versnelde #zeespiegelstijginghttps://t.co/TC29azf1uD
2 days, 3 hours

Wageningen U&R@WUR

#KennisOnline | De WUR deed afgelopen jaar weer mooie onderzoeken in opdracht van @minlnv. Kijk hier naar het jaaro… https://t.co/wF2pIM6CTw
3 days, 7 hours

Mervin Bakker@mervinbakker

Calling on all Wageningen alumni in South Africa to join @WUR president @LouiseOFresco for the centennary alumni re… https://t.co/a9YFtVqC4p
3 days, 7 hours

Louise O. Fresco@LouiseOFresco

What a wonderful occasion! In the presence of >80 alumni &friends of @wur, gracefully hosted by the ambassador… https://t.co/xg4mjI2bC6
3 days, 22 hours