24 jan. 2011

Silver Alumni pin

Buy an Alumni pin with price reduction! Since 2003, the Alumni pin is an initiative of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) for all MSc students who are graduated. Members of KLV are able to obtain this Alumni pin with price reduction! 

The pin shows the logo of WUR. It represents a home. In this home, WUR is making essential contributions to the quality of life with pioneering research and innovative teaching programmes in the areas of nutrition and health, sustainable agrosystems, a viable environment and processes of social change.  

It is made of real silver, produced by '"Zilverstad" in Schoonhoven in The Netherlands and there is a certificate of the "Goud en Zilversmidsgilde St. Eloy".

Did you graduate before September 2003 and would you like to order this pin, than please transfer € 10 to accountnumber 900555 KLV Wageningen Alumni Network, The Hague, The Netherlands, mentioning 'Alumni pin'.
For more information mail to info@klv-ledenadmin.nl.

NB. For non members the price is 11 €.


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