23 jul. 2018

Shanghai Ranking 2018: WUR ranks #1 in agricultural sciences and in food technology

We are very proud that, according to the 2018 Shanghai subject ranking, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is the best university in the world in the fields of agricultural science and food technology. Wageningen also scores high in the categories ecology (#5) and veterinary sciences(#8).

Throughout the year there are lists with best universities in all kinds of areas. The Shanghai rankings is generally considered one of the more influential rankings. In addition to the rankings for total score per university, which will be published later, the Shanghai ranking has also drawn up a ranking by subject. This includes the scores of 4000 universities for more than 50 disciplines within natural sciences, technology, life sciences, medical and social sciences.

Wageningen University & Research ranks number one worldwide in the subjects 'Agricultural Sciences' and 'Food Science & Technology'. In the field of ecology and veterinary sciences, WUR stands at spots five and eight respectively. Especially in veterinary sciences this is a considerable increase compared to 2017, when  WUR held the  29th place. In the field of ecology there is also a slight increase, because in 2017 Wageningen was in seventh place. A slight decrease must be noted for the Wageningen  'Geography' achievement: WUR was ranked eighth place in 2017 and has now reached eleventh place this year.


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