26 apr. 2019

QS Ranking: Wageningen ranked best agricultural university in the world for fourth consecutive time

Wageningen University & Research has taken the top spot as the world’s best agricultural university for the fourth consecutive time in the influential QS Ranking. As in previous years, WUR secured first place in the “Agriculture and Forestry” category. Wageningen is currently in 125th place in the QS Global World Ranking, which rates institutions based on general characteristics.

There are striking, positive differences in other categories compared to last year’s rankings. For example, Environmental Sciences has been rated better by QS. WUR moved up from 7th to 8th place in that category. In the Life Sciences category Wageningen moved up to 67th place (71st in 2018). Natural Sciences showed another significant rise: WUR shot up to 181st place (213th in 2018).

Want to read more? Go here: https://www.wur.nl/en/newsarticle/QS-Ranking-Wageningen-ranked-best-agricultural-university-in-the-world-for-fourth-consecutive-time.htm


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