24 may. 2011

KLV cleans streets in Wageningen

Wageningen, 24 May 2011
In 2011, KLV Wageningen Alumni Network celebrates its 125th anniversary. Jubilee conferences were held in The Hague, Ethiopia and Brazil. Now, it is Wageningen’s turn. Yesterday, the largest alumni association for Wageningen graduates and students alike used CO2 neutral Green Graffiti® on 25 spots all over the city to gain attention for the 125th anniversary. An example can be found on http://bit.ly/klvgreengraffiti

For the jubilee year, the theme is 'How to feed our world?'. On November 10, the main conference will take place in Wageningen. For international graduates and students KLV organizes an ‘Eat & Meet’ event in Wageningen in October. First coming up, however, is another international jubilee conference, on June 25 in Beijing, China.
According to KLV’s vice director Elvire Schlösser the idea was brought up last year. “We believe it is a playful and environmentally friendly way  to highlight our anniversary. The image refers to the website www.klv125.nl, where all the details on our  jubilee programme can be found. We believe our alumni are the experts so we use worldwide crowd sourcing to obtain an inspiring programme on November 10. Besides, a lot of input is gathered through social media, like Twitter and Facebook. We look beyond that: We also organize a pumpkin growing contest at after school clubs (in Dutch: BSO). And... keep an eye on Wageningen Campus!”
KLV has more than 8000 members, of which 13% is international alumnus or student. KLV membership offers a way of keeping up to date and sharing knowledge about everything related to Wageningen, a professional network and a way of staying related to Wageningen. Find KLV on www.klv.nl; http://twitter.com/klvnetwork and www.facebook.com/KLVNetwork. Contact via secretariaat.klv(at)wur.nl.


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