8 jun. 2018

Call for nominations for the Mansholt-Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2018

Are you a successful sustainable entrepreneur or do you know someone who manages his or her sustainable company with enthusiasm? Then you may qualify for the Mansholt-Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (M-BASE) of €25,000!

The award aims to illustrate that alumni of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and entrepreneurs directly related to WUR, actively contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship with large societal and possibly international impact.

The winner will be announced during the Mansholt-lecture on Wednesday 19 September 2018 in Brussels. 
The Mansholt Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (M-BASE) is awarded every three years by University Fund Wageningen (UFW).

Information and registration
Entrepreneurs are invited to nominate themselves or someone else for the M-BASE.
Nominating is possible until Wednesday 15 August 2018. Check the website for more information on the award, the nomination procedure and application.

For any questions, please send a mail to ufw@wur.nl or contact Daniëlle Grashuis (+31 317 484 054)

On the picture you see the winner of the previous M-BASE award, Simon Groot of East-West Seed.


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