10 sep. 2012

KLV Update 3, 2012

The English version of the KLV Update number 3 is now available on line.

Read more about the movement of KLV to the new office Impulse, a starting young entrepreneur ...

30 aug. 2012

KLV moved to a new office in Impulse

The KLV team moved during the summer holidays to their new office IMPULSE on Wageningen Campus. You can reach us as usual by phone on + 31 (0)317-485191 or by ...

28 aug. 2012

Wageningen University alumni work many hours a week

Did you know the average graduate of Wageningen University works 39,6 hours a week? This fact shows up in the WO-monitor, a research held under just-graduated from Dutch universities ...

20 aug. 2012

AID 2012

During this years introduction days (AID) of Wageningen University on August 21, KLV gained over 750 new Young KLV members with 54 different nationalities! It's even much more than ...

3 jul. 2012

Graduates on the labour market (3)

In the summer of 2011, 79% of the graduates (Masters 2009-2010) worked on a university level or even higher.

This fact shows up in the WO-monitor, a research held under ...

2 jul. 2012

KLV moves to Impulse

KLV moves per 1 August 2012 to a new address:

Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
The Netherlands

Impulse is housed near the Restaurant of the Future in Futurum (building ...

29 jun. 2012

KLV Directory 2012-2014

A good tool for networking: the KLV Directory! This book lists names, addresses and work details of about 37.000 graduates of Wageningen University. It also contains an overview of ...

28 jun. 2012

Changes in the Board of KLV 2012

In the annual general assembly on 12 June 2012, KLV said goodbye to ir. M. (Margriet) Tiemstra in her function as vice president, dr. ir. J.P. (Elmar) Theune in ...

21 jun. 2012

Aalt Dijkhuizen opens June, 21st international Business Café

Sorry, this text is only in Dutch available.

14 jun. 2012

Science Café - June, 19th 2012

Eureka at Science Café Wageningen

With Marten Scheffer - Wageningen University's most charismatic scientist.
How do you actually get to a scientific insight? Not by staring at your computer screen ...


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