5 nov. 2012

KLV Update 4, 2012 online

This new KLV Update 4, 2012 is concerned with the importance of social media, supporting young entrepreneurs via Startlife, the new inspiring office Impulse, foodwaste, KLV activities and KLV around ...

2 nov. 2012

Job level graduates and promovendi

Completing a PhD research increase the probability for working on a higher job level.

An average of three-quarters of the graduates from 2005 to 2010 is employed in a position ...

26 oct. 2012

Alumni male/female

Did you know that more than half of the Wageningen alumni population is female at this moment?

The number of female alumni at Wu has increased significantly. Since 1970 the ...

24 oct. 2012

Debat over de campus van Wageningen University

Sorry, this text is only in Dutch available.

22 oct. 2012

WUF-KLV thesisaward 2011-2012

Call for nominations WUF-KLV Thesis Award 2011-2012

The Wageningen University Fund calls for nominations for the WUF-KLV Thesis Awards. We are looking for outstanding theses which must have been given ...

11 oct. 2012

Gunter Pauli - Premsela lecture - Sustainable business

Mushrooms grown on coffee waste, bamboo buildings, battery-free mobile phones – the visionary green entrepreneur Gunter Pauli takes sustainable thinking to a higher level.
In the 2012 Premsela Lecture on Sunday ...

11 oct. 2012

Science Café - Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology: Beyond the Promises

Nanotechnology – the manipulation of materials at the level of individual atoms and molecules – has been advocated as a revolutionary technology, holding promises for a wide variety ...

4 oct. 2012

Biomassa als grondstof voor de industrie

Only in Dutch available

24 sep. 2012

Speciaal voor KLV-leden: Arbeidsmarkpositie Wageningse alumni

Hoeveel Wageningers komen er op de arbeidsmarkt, waar gaan ze werken en wat doen ze later in hun loopbaan?

Met deze vraag zijn we aan de slag gegaan en we ...

12 sep. 2012

Waar wonen onze leden in het buitenland


KLV members live all over the world! On the Google map you can see in which countries our members are located. The top 10 countries with most of our members ...


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