4 apr. 2013

Job opportunities MSc-alumni Wageningen last recession!

The most recent MSc-program evaluation gives information about the alumni from September 2011 till September 2012.

As can be seen, it is clear that 'our' just-graduates are doing well. Beside ...

4 apr. 2013

KLV towards 2020

KLV session: we are going to communicate in a different way

KLV started the project KLV2020 in order to find a strategy to stay alive & kicking. With regard to this ...

22 mar. 2013

Academic Year Prize 2013

This year, creative researchers looking for innovative ways of making their findings known among a broader public again stand to win a prize of € 100,000. Teams can sign up ...

8 mar. 2013

More female PhD on the labour market

In 1920 the first (three) men obtained their PhD degree at Wageningen University. More than thirty years later, in 1951, the first women obtained her Phd degree. Until the nineties ...

16 feb. 2013

KLV membership fee 2013: electronic invoices

At the start of this year KLV switched to electronic invoices. This means that all members, in both the Netherlands and abroad, will now receive an invoice by e-mail only ...

14 feb. 2013

40 years of career monitoring by KLV (2)

Did you know, the total number of alumni rose explosively since the beginning of monitoring by KLV?

The first monitor from 1973 had been sent to all alumni, still alive ...

28 jan. 2013

KLV Update 1, 2013 online

The first KLV Update of 2013 is now online!

News from the KLV board, actually from a Young KLV board member (& Young KLV ambassador at the same time) The ...

25 jan. 2013

KLV-WUF thesisprize 2011-2012

The winners

Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Frans Boogaard, titel thesis: 'Comparison of two fundamentally different approaches to manipulator motion planning'
Mentor: Christos Kolympiris, chair group holder: Eldert van Henten

Environmental ...

14 jan. 2013

Presentation Uyttenboogaart-Eliasen Foundation-Thesis Award

During the Dutch entomologyday last December, the above mentioned Award was presented to 4 young alumni: Francine Pacilly, Esther Stam, Arisca Visser and Emma van der Woude for the dissertation ...

11 jan. 2013

40 years of career monitoring by KLV

Did you know, in 2013 it has been 40 years ago that KLV Wageningen Alumni Network started with the monitoring of Wageningen University alumni?

In the 70s the number of ...


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