25 oct. 2013

NJAS special Issue: On careful livestock farming

In 2010, researchers of Wageningen University and Research Centre compiled an essay-book in Dutch on “livestock farming with care” (“Over zorgvuldige veehouderij”) to contribute to the public debates on livestock ...

24 oct. 2013

Two KLV-members won second prize with Quinoa chocolate milk

Three food technology students from Wageningen University have been awarded a prize worth € 4,000 in Cologne for their entry in the EcoTrophelia, a European competition for students of food ...

19 sep. 2013

Pictures Young KLV training Time management

Take a look at the pictures of the Young KLV training Time management of 12-9-2013 at the Impulse building. All participants have learned to prioritize their activities. The pictures are ...

16 sep. 2013

Job before or upon graduation, spring 2013

61% (spring 2012: 58%) of MSc alumni in search of employment found a job either before or upon graduation. A regular job is more popular than a PhD-job. 57% (in ...

4 sep. 2013

Opening Academic Year 2013 with Màxima and the importance of KLV

Her Majesty the Queen of The Netherlands Màxima, opened the Academic Year 2013 of Wageningen University on 2 September.

Underneath the photo you will find briefly the speakers and the ...

28 aug. 2013

De Wereldlezing van 3 okt. trekt veel belangstellenden. Wat heeft Ruud Huine, directeur Food & Agri Rabobank te vertellen over het concept coöperaties?

De nieuwe Wereldlezing gaat over 'Coöperaties, het businessmodel voor 2020? en vindt plaats op 3 oktober op een wel heel bijzondere nieuwe locatie, namelijk in het Orion-gebouw op de Campus ...

26 aug. 2013

The new KLV Update 3, 2013 is now online

The new KLV Update number 3 of this year is out! In this edition more information about:

* Hundreds of new young KLV members during AID (annual introduction days) 2013 
* The ...

22 aug. 2013

Hundreds of new Young KLV members during AID 2013!

KLV's Young ambassadors had a lot of fun filling all Doppers for the new members.

Over 2000 new students visited the information market at the AID 2013 and lots ...

19 aug. 2013

KLV ready for AID Wageningen 2013

Last year KLV welcomed over 600 new members during the AID. We are ready to welcome new students at the AID InfoFest this wednesday to become part of the largest ...

18 jul. 2013

KLV website renewed

Welcome to the renewed website of KLV Wageningen Alumni Network! In order to improve the usability and customer experience of our website, KLV has renewed its website.
You want to ...


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