26 mar. 2014

40+ Alumni on the labour market

Did you know, that networking is the most successful method for the 40+ alumni in finding another job?

27% of the alumni, which are 40 years or older, found a ...

10 mar. 2014

De KLV Update nr. 1 van 2014 is uit

Dit keer met aandacht voor de volgende items: 

* Waarheen met KLV, een update van het project 'KLV 2020' waarin de rol van KLV in de toekomst wordt uitgewerkt.

* 40+ On ...

12 feb. 2014

Winners WUF-KLV Thesis prize are known

The winners of the WUF-KLV Thesis prize are known! KLV-member Ties van de Laar is one of them.  During the ceremony the overall prize winner has been announced, it's ...

11 feb. 2014

Obtaining a job in the autumn seems more difficult for just graduated MSc alumni than it seems in other seasons

45% of MSc-alumni (Sept 2013-Dec 2013) in search of employment found a job either before or upon graduation. In the autumn of 2012 it was 40%, and in the whole ...

6 feb. 2014

Membership fee 2014

Last year, KLV switched to electronic invoices. This means that all members, in both the Netherlands and abroad, will receive an invoice by e-mail only. The only exceptions are members ...

31 jan. 2014

VWI 25 years the supporters club for women with ambition | Wageningen UR presents Gender Action Plan

VWI, the network of female alumni from Wageningen University, has started the year of it’s 25th anniversary very well with the event 'King and Queens Get ToGetHer' on 17 ...

22 jan. 2014

Summary of the succesful World lecture about SME's in Africa

Hillside Green Growers, contributing to food security 
'The role of small and medium Agro-enterprises in achieving food security’ was the subject of a KLV Alumni ‘World Lecture’ that took place ...

13 dec. 2013

Engrossing talk Dr Kate O'Brien on navigating the academic jungle

Thursday December 12, 2013, KLV organized in collaboration with VWI, the Network for Wageningen University Alumni Women,  a talk by Dr Kate O'Brien titled 'Navigating the academic jungle: challenges ...

4 dec. 2013

The KLV Update 4, 2013 is online

In this edition more information about:

* The General Assembly of KLV on the 18th of December 2013.

* The role of KLV for her members in the future. It is called ...

4 dec. 2013

Afscheid Aalt Dijkhuizen van Wageningen UR

Op 13 februari 2014 neemt Aalt Dijkhuizen na 12 jaar afscheid als voorzitter van de Raad van Bestuur van Wageningen UR. De afscheidsbijeenkomst staat in het teken van ‘Samenwerken in ...


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