WUR Connect - Questions & Answers

1. Are there any instructions? Yes, check out this animated movie!
There is a movie of approximately 2 minutes with clear and simple instructions to show you all the information for WUR Connect. TAKE NOTE: the video is in Dutch.

2. Which browser should I use to open WUR Connect?
Type www.wurconnect.nl, preferably in Google Chrome or Firefox, those work best.

3. WUR Connect APP
There is a WUR Connect APP as well, here you can find all the same information as you can find on the website. All member information, photo’s, events, vacancies and all the updates. Download for Apple and Android. TAKE NOTE: for Apple you have to search for an app called "Graduway" and then choose "Wageningen University & Research" in the menu.

4. Registration
You can register at WUR Connect via your LinkedIn or Facebook account or with your email address. TIP: Use your LinkedIn account, it is easier and you don’t have to fill in the details. 

5. What is WUR Connect?
WUR Connect is the online alumni platform; the objective is to improve dialogues and interaction between WUR-Alumni, KLV-members, students and employees of Wageningen University & Research. 

6. What are the advantages of WUR Connect?

  • Reconnect, find your study friends, check what they’re up to and stay in touch.
  • Give something back, help fellow ‘Wageningers’ get in touch with the right people, share knowledge, or find a great internship, mentorship or a new job.
  • Expand your network, your network is bigger than you think. Find out who is working where in the national and international world of the Wageningen domain.
  • Discover career opportunities, discover opportunities to move forward in your own career. Contribute to new projects, find the best jobs in the sector. Find out all the benefits of WUR Connect!

7. Who is WUR Connect for?
WUR Connect is for all KLV-members, WUR-Alumni, Students & Employees. 

8. KLV-members and address book
WUR Connect is the digital version of the previous KLV-address book and is available on the website and in the APP. You can find all the members at the section ‘Directory’.
TIP: the list only includes registered WUR Connect members and does NOT automatically list all KLV members, there are only registered members on this platform. This is due to the new privacy laws.

9. Can I get a KLV member list on paper?
Yes, this is possible for KLV members who would very much appreciate this, you can send a request via email to: secretariaat.klv@wur.nl. 

10. Detailed search in members list
Go to ‘Directory’, an on the right side to ‘Refine your search’ to search for name, location, willing to help or other details. 

11. In what languages is WUR Connect available?
In English and Dutch. 

12. What happens with the other online, social media platforms?
The current Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts will remain the same. WUR Connect will get a more prominent place and the content of the other social media accounts will be shared on WUR Connect as well, such as news articles or photo albums. 

13. Where can I use the section Updates for?
You can ask a question to other members, share a message or try to find people. 

14. I don’t want to receive any emails from WUR Connect anymore
You are a member on our online platform, but you don’t want to receive any emails from WUR Connect. Log in and go to the settings section, choose ‘Account settings’ and click on the boxes to unselect the notifications.

More about WUR Connect
WUR Connect: www.wurconnect.nl


KLV is a professional network for more than 50.000 alumni of Wageningen University & Research!

WUR Connect

The complete network platform for all WUR-alumni

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