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KLV can provide career-related support to you in a number of ways.

Where do Wageningen graduates end up working?

And other career questions. KLV answers.

Career research

Where do Wageningen graduates end up working? How do Wageningen graduates get onto the labour market, and what do they do later on in their career?
Career research: KLV provides valuable statistics of Wageningen graduates on the labour market, arranged by their study subject.

CV check

Free personal advice about your CV regarding the Dutch labour market  (save €30)! More information.

Career Café

Career Café for Starters

Customised request

In general career advice is quite specific to an individual’s needs but you can achieve a great deal through consulting with KLV. For instance, this could be a list of KLV members with particular experience or expertise who are willing to share it with other members (Advisory Network). There is also a special pool of entrepreneurs from Wageningen who are willing to share their experience. Send an e-mail with a specific question to (only for members); see also under members' benefits. Please note: the KLV network is only intended for acquiring information, and not as a back-door job application procedure.


Wageningen Academy provides post-graduate and ‘post-experience’ programmes and courses for individuals seeking to continue their education and further develop their knowledge and skills. Wageningen Academy also offers programmes and projects that focus on knowledge management and entrepreneurship.

Ask your question

Are you looking for something else from the career service? Come and talk to us or send your question to the KLV via



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Uitreiking beste MSc scriptie 2017 aan internationale student #MhirisNaduthodi voor zijn thesis ‘Metabolic Engineer…
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By the way, it is also #mosquito week this week... The week to increase - again - our awareness of #malaria & other…
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