Young KLV - Training - Scientific English

Struggling with your English written scientific papers? Scared that you write in stone coal English (a Dutch expression meaning broken English)? Writing high-quality scientific papers, essays, your thesis or application letters is not an easy job. It’s an even bigger challenge if you have to produce written work in a second language. Young KLV offers you the opportunity to improve your academic writing!

This active workshop will show you what strategies and online tools you can use to prevent and repair a range of common problems. In the second part of the workshop we will discuss some tips and tricks to improve readability and make your (academic) writing more native-like. During the workshop there will be plenty of time for questions and for discussion about the writing issues you find tricky!​

The spoken language will be English. The training will contain examples of mistakes typically made by people who speak Dutch, but the spoken language and the tools used to improve your English will be in English. The training is one of the tailor made courses of Wageningen in'to Languages.

(NB: earlier this course was scheduled for 22 September but due to unforeseen circumstances it is moved to 24 November). 

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