Young KLV - Dress to impress

How should you dress in a professional setting? What are the rules of etiquette and behaviour? And what to wear for an application interview? If you’re having difficult with these questions, then this FREE lunch workshop “Dress to impress” might be just right for you! Delia de Vreeze, the director of University Fund Wageningen, will share her insights in what you should and should not wear to impress in a professional setting. This workshop will focus on dress codes for both men and women and on the rules of etiquette. You don’t have to subscribe for this workshop, everybody is welcome to join on June 14th, in the Speakers Corner in Impulse.

What:                   Lunch workshop “Dress to impress”

Where:                 Speakers Corner, in building Impulse

When:                  June 14th, 12:30-13:30

Trainer:                Delia de Vreeze

Language:            English


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