Young KLV - CV writing course - 18th of April 2018

Struggling to get that perfect looking CV? When writing a CV, you can face a daunting task in differentiating yourself from other job applicants. In this workshop you learn the tips & tricks to show your talents in your CV.
This CV writing course is given by a professional teacher, who is giving this course for years already. It means that you get very personal attention and very good tips, because of her years of experience.
!!Becoming a KLV member is totally free of charge when you are a student
!! There are only limited places available, so be fast with subscribing yourself if you want to join the workshop
Some pre work is required: after confirmation of participation you will be asked to take copies of your CV with you. You can even send your CV to the trainer in case you would appreciate her to take a look at your CV in advance. During the course the trainer gives feedback on every CV and along the way she gives general information on how to write an effective CV. There will be also time for your questions.

You can subscribe by clicking on the button on the right.

Maximum number of participants: 6 

The next CV writing course will be held on Tuesday 12 June.


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