Dialogue - Creating Artificial Life: Responsibility of the Designer - FULLY BOOKED

2018 is not only the first centennial of WUR, but also the second centennial of the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein. Her story, and the name of Victor Frankenstein has been used and abused a multitude of times, especially in relation to novel technological developments. In 1818, a novel was written on the creation of new life. In 2018, we are really designing artificial life. But what is the responsibility of the designer?

At the Dialogue, science journalist Philip Ball presents his views on the legacy of Frankenstein and the implications for our thinking about science. Professor in Philosophy Philip Brey will then discuss the technological revolution we’re facing and the origin of our hopes and fears regarding artificial life. With that knowledge we further explore areas that call for responsibility in science, where the analogies with Frankenstein may or may not hold.
Moderated by Emeritus Professor Applied Philosophy Michiel Korthals, we discuss areas that call for responsibility in science.

Science journalist Philip Ball has a background in physics and is a former editor of Nature. He also wrote many popular books on science and philosophy, one of which Unnatural: The heretical idea of making people.
Professor Philip Brey is scientific director of the 4TU and professor of philosophy of technology at the University of Twente. He also leads the EU Horizon 2020 project SIENNA on the ethical and human rights aspects of emerging technologies.

18:00               Dinner and first Frankenstein movie (1910)
19:00               Contribution from Philip Ball & Philip Brey
20:00-21:00     Dialogue
21:00-21:30     Networking reception

The spoken language is English.

Registration is closed because the maximum number of participants is reached.

100 Years WUR
The Dialogue is part of the Science Week 'What is Life?' which will be held from Monday 12 March until Wednesdayl 14 March 2018. The Science week is one of the 100 years activities of WUR. 


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