VIAS - AgriFoodTechPlatform Congress

Data Science for Agricultural Performance
In-depth interview with Aaron Ault and the Agrifood Data Innovation Award (this workshop will be held in English) 

This workshop discusses the challenges for agricultural engineers and practitioners, suppliers of technology and ICT, regulatory bodies and science associated to a more data intensive farming. The main speaker is Mr. Aaron Ault – farmer and data scientist.
The session will be shaped as an interactive interview. During the workshop, also the Agrifood Data Innovation Award will be presented.

The essence of Agriculture 4.0 is that more and better data leads to better farming practices, which in turn leads to a more lean, green and clean production. There are many sources of data, including the farmer, machinery and on-farm sensors. Early adopters, scientists and industry are enthusiastic. The promises are huge: Data-intensive farming should lead to less waste across the food chain, cleaner production with limited or no spills on external inputs, higher efficiency in production and – maybe not the least – higher resilience to weather anomalies, price volatility, pests and diseases and other external factors.

Although the ICT inventions are flooding the agri-sector, the breakthrough of data intensive farming, (re)use of data and data analytics on farms and across sectors is yet in its infancy. The growth of smarter farming, farming 4.0, will continue in the coming decades.

We provide the Breakout session 7, on Data Science for Agricultural Perfomance. When registering, you can indicate that you would like to attend our breakout session.


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