SKOV - Seminar on Rainfed Agriculture

The Study Circle for Development Issues SKOV, with the kind cooperation of the student club Nji Sri and the study association Ipso Facto, invites you on Friday 23 June 2017 for a seminar on 'RAIN FED AGRICULTURE - a risky business'. This is the Eleventh seminar in a series on agricultural development in Africa.

(Please note that this seminar goes through, despite KLV’s cancellation of their conference “Inspired by Uncertainty” planned for June 23 and 24).

Rainfed agriculture is a worldwide phenomenon. Agricultural practice, under uncontrolled circumstances in which one is dependent on the amount of rainfall and the distribution of rain over the (growing) seasons, is a risky business. The speakers at the Seminar will discuss possible measures to unlock the potential of the available natural resources. Attention will be paid to the demographic, technical, genetic and, to a lesser extent, to the socioeconomic aspects of the desired developments.

Prof. dr ir Martin van Ittersum, Dept. of Plant Production Systems WUR
Prof. dr Ken Giller, Dept. of Plant Production Systems WUR
Prof. dr ir Remko Uijlenhoet, Dept. of Environmental Sciences WUR
prof. dr ir Kees de Bie, Spatial information for sustainable agriculture (ITC), University of Twente

On 13.30 we welcome you with coffee and tea. On 14.00 the seminar begins. Aperitif for free afterwards.

Thanks to the sponsors Yara Sluiskil and OCI Nitrogen


The purpose of the seminar is to give an idea about the natural resources in SSA and their potential to possibly decrease the yield gap.
The board of SKOV looks forward to meet you on 23 June.

Do you want to attend this seminar? Please send an email to

For seminar participants who wish so, dinner will be organized at 18:30 h in Restaurant Eatcetera as usual. The price for 3 courses, wine and coffee is € 27,50 p.p., to be paid in cash on the spot. Please register by (this registration is binding!)
P.S.Please mention if you are vegetarian or not.


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