Seminar - When Wizards meet Prophets - 29 maart 2019

Will you help us write a new narrative to bridge the gap between the ‘wizards’ and the ‘prophets’? Historian of science Charles C. Mann has coined these terms to differentiate between techno-optimists (wizards) and strict ecologists (prophets) and their conflicting views in the food and agriculture debate. During this seminar we hope to find a new narrative that reconciles the wizards and the prophets views.

During this seminar, Louise O. Fresco, president of Wageningen University & Research and other leading experts will present and discuss their view on the subject. How relevant is the discussion about the different paradigms in the debate about the future of food and agriculture? How can we bridge the gap between the so-called ‘ecologists' and ‘technologists’, wizards and prophets? The goal of the seminar is to create a new narrative for the future of our food system, that may gain support from both wizards and prophets, and everyone ideologically in between.

Target group
This symposium is open for professionals in Agri & Food, such as entrepreneurs, government, NGOs, research and retail. 

TAKE NOTE: KLV members receive €50,- discount on the overall price by mentioning 'KLV member discount' on the registration form in the 'other remarks' box.

Practical information

  • The fee is € 250.- including coffee, tea, drinks and lunch.
  • You can register until March 18th, or until the maximum number of participants is reached.
  • Participants will receive more information after the registration deadline.
  • Maximum number of participants: 100

Registration can be done through this link.

Find more information about this seminar on the website.

Photo credits: ERF b.v.


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