Opening Academic Year 2 September 2019

Dialogue: an academic responsibility. Are we still able and willing to listen to other views than our own on the many complex developments in today’s society? Can we see through the haze of strong convictions and firm beliefs? Are we still willing to approach presented facts with an open mind, or do we increasingly restrict ourselves to the facts that support our own opinion?
Of course, emotions and ideologies always have been strong building blocks for our convictions and judgements, but lately, on many occasions, science and ratio seem to be washed away by waves of frames. This seems to hamper the introduction of promising solutions and innovations that are urgently needed to resolve or overcome big issues such as food security, climate change or decreasing biodiversity.

Our guest speaker Professor Rik Torfs, former Rector Magnificus at KU Leuven, will address the need for open dialogue and its relevance for academia. After his keynote the theme will be discussed during a special talk show where several young academics will share their views on this important topic.

After the contribution of prof. Torfs two awards of University Fund Wageningen (UFW) will be handed out: the Research Award and the Outstanding Alumnus Award

We are honoured to invite all interested people to join the celebration of the Opening of our Academic Year and hope to welcome you on Monday 2 September.

The Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research,
Prof. dr ir Louise O. Fresco    | President WUR
Prof. dr ir Arthur P.J. Mol      | Rector Magnificus WU and 
                                            Vice-President WUR
Rens L.A.C. Buchwaldt MBA  | Member Executive Board  

Programme Opening of the Academy Year (OAY)
14:30 Registration and welcoming reception
15:30 Opening Louise O. Fresco
          Prof. Rik Torfs
          Musical interlude
          Talk show with WUR scientists
          Presentation of University Fund Wageningen,
          Research Award and Outstanding Alumnus Award
          Official opening by Arthur Mol 
17:00 Reception

More information on the OAY: click here 

OAY on YouTube
NB: are you not able to join the OAY on 2 September? Watch the official programme live via YouTube . Start 15.25 pm.


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