General Assembly KLV | 2nd GA revolving around the dissolution of KLV, 22 September 2020

In the most recent General Assembly (GA) of KLV, held 30 June 2020, the 4th agenda item concerned the "Proposal to dissolve KLV". At this GA the decision whether or not to dissolve could not yet be made. In order to actually take the decision to dissolve, at least half (being 2958) of the number of voting members (being 5916) had to vote, of which three quarters had to vote in favour of dissolution. At the start of the GA, the required quorum had not been reached: at that time, 2% of the members had exercised their voting rights, part of whom participated in the meeting.

In accordance with the articles of association, the proposal to dissolve will be put to the vote again at a new GA. This GA must take place within three months but not within fourteen days after June 30, 2020. In this GA, a decision to dissolve can be taken by a majority of three quarters of the votes, without a quorum requirement. This next GA will take place on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, starting at 20.00hrs. Agenda: Proposal to dissolve KLV.

Organization GA: physical
The GA is physically organized, of course whilst upholding all the relevant guidelines COVID-19 measurements. After registration, we will send you the COVID-19 protocol of the meeting venue: WICC in Wageningen. Address: Lawickse Allee 9, 6701 AN Wageningen.

Participation in the GA
Due to the COVID-19 measures, you must register in advance when you want to participate in the GA. You can register and / or request the meeting documents by e-mail to The meeting documents will be available from 9 September.

Voting procedure: proxy to vote
If you are unable to attend the GA on September 22, or if you prefer not to participate physically due to COVID-19, it is possible to vote by proxy. Each member is authorized to cast the vote of one other member, provided that this member has authorized him to do so in writing. An electronically recorded proxy to vote is considered a written power of attorney. If you wish to vote by proxy, you must arrange this yourself with a KLV member who will be present at the meeting. You can request the proxy form via

On behalf of the board of KLV,
Han Swinkels, chairman

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