Online Opening Academisch Jaar | Nature and agriculture: a continuous balancing act

WUR annually celebrates the Opening of the Academic Year. Renowned scientists, artists, writers, or opinion leaders share their views on current topics related to food, health and the environment, young Wageningen scientists also reflect on the chosen theme. Due to COVID-19, this year’s Opening of the Academic Year will mainly be an online event.

2020-2021: Nature and agriculture: a continuous balancing act
Agriculture has changed our planet. Ecosystems have been affected, replaced by new ones, sometimes destroyed; but also restored and recreated. Directly or indirectly, species have been threatened but also favoured through agriculture. With an increasing world population to feed and the move towards a bio-based economy, the challenge is to find a new ecological balance between nature and agriculture.

After an introduction by Louise O. Fresco, a preview of ‘Grutto!’ will be shown. ‘Grutto!’ is a new documentary about the black-tailed godwit which has become an icon of the co-existence of nature and agriculture in The Netherlands. Finally, two of our young scientists will share their views on the theme of the celebration.

We ask for your understanding that, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Executive Board choose to shape this year’s ceremony as an online event. We invite you to register using the button below, so we may notify you with access details a few days prior to the event.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this online celebration on 31 August.

You are invited to register for the online programme via the bleu sign in button. This allows us to notify you with access details a few days prior to the event.

More information
You will find all information on the WUR-website.

Picture, Ruben Smit Productions


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