Water Delight - debate with Henk Ovink

Predictions are that in the coming decades more than half of all global challenges will be related to water issues both on the wet and on the dry side. The economic damage associated with these water issues will increase to billions of Euros. Hence the magnitude and the character of these water related challenges are so huge that we cannot feel safe with technologies from the past. We have to find new, integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions.

The Dutch approach to water issues is recognized worldwide as an example for working on innovative solutions. To further emphasize this, in spring this year the Dutch government appointed Henk Ovink as the Dutch Special Envoy for International Water Affairs. He travels the world to export the Dutch approach in delta solutions. And by doing so, Henk is one of the best informed persons of global water challenges, both related to quantity (either too much or too little) and quality (contaminants, salinity).

KLV and the Wageningen alumni networks Netwerk Land en water, Kennisnetwerk Milieu, Studiekring Landbouweconomie, VWI, Wageningen Debating en the Research school WIMEK invited Henk Ovink for a dialogue and debate in order to discuss the Dutch approach with a focus on droughts, the “fit” of Wageningen UR’s expertise in global challenges, and the most realistic approaches for the future.

Henk Ovink will deliver a key-note speech, followed by short pitches on several theses presented by PhD/post-docs from Wageningen University and a debate with the audience. The chair of this evening is prof.dr.ir. Eddy Moors and the evening will be mediated by Wageningen Debating.

Time schedule - (attention: has been changed!)

In case you have signed up earlier for attending the key note speech of Henk Ovink and the subsequent debate, we can inform you that the time schedule has been changed because of the following reason. 
Unfortunately, Henk Ovink - as popular as he is- mistakenly has had two overlapping appearances planned in his schedule. For him to be able to attend both, we have had to shift the starting time of our event. We shall thus not begin at 18:00 hrs. but at 20:00 hrs.! With a reception from 19:30 hrs. (there is no meal included). 

19.30 – 20.00 registration and coffee
20.00 – 20.05 introduction to the meeting, Eddy
20.05 – 20.10 Warming up – setting the stage: Annemarie
20.10 – 20.30 keynote Henk Ovink

20.30 – 22.50 pitch 1 (max 5 min) by Debora De Block
                     response (2 min) Henk Ovink
                     debate with audience

22.50 – 21.10 pitch 2 (max 5 min) by Janwillem Liebrand
                     response (2 min) Henk Ovink
                     debate with audience

21.10 – 21.30 pitch 3 by Karianne de Bruin
                     response (2 min) Henk Ovink
                     debate with audience

21.30 – 21.45 proposition 4: open question to the audience

21.45 – 21.50 wrap-up and closure
21.50 – 22.30 drinks and opportunity for networking
                     and afterthoughts

Spoken language English.
Diner: the diner is cancelled because of the modified schedule!

Participant list
Do you want to check who is coming? Please take a look at the attendance list

This debate is organized by the following study circles: Netwerk Land en water, Kennisnetwerk Milieu, Studiekring Landbouweconomie, VWI, Wageningen Debating and WIMEK. KLV provides service and support.

If you are interested to join this interdisciplinary debate, please subscribe through the dark bleu button 'Sign in'.

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