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21 nov. 2017 - 18:00

Wereldlezing - Nutriëntneutraal als ideaal in de circulaire economie - VOL

Hoe passen de mondiale nutriëntenstromen in het toekomstbeeld van de circulaire economie? En welke rol speelt Nederland daarin met haar grote dierlijke sector? Er is nog steeds sprake van een ...

28 nov. 2017 - 17:45

Young KLV - Work Search Cafe for young professionals (in Dutch)

In the Work Search Cafe you will receive advice from professional career coaches for 25 Euros (the fee for KLV members). After taking part in the Work Search Cafe you ...

30 nov. 2017 - 19:45

Science Café - Sustainable City Concepts

On Thursday the 30th of November, a new Science Café will be organized in Loburg Wageningen. Even though cities take up less than three percent of the land, more than ...

1 dec. 2017 - 9:30

KLV-conferentie 'Inspired by Uncertainty' op 1 december 2017!

The KLV-conference on Friday 1 December, will become a day with influential keynote speakers and a symposium on ‘making decisions in the face of climate change’ but the conference will ...

7 dec. 2017 - 0:00

Finale European Agri&Food Startup of the Year Challenge

The European FoodNexus Startup Challenge is a contest among food & agri startups in several European countries. The challenge aims to identify and accelerate the most promising startups, and connect them ...

12 dec. 2017 - 20:00

General Assembly of KLV

On Tuesday the 12th of December 2017, the Annual General Assembly of KLV will be held (the spoken language is Dutch). All KLV members are invited.

Amongst others the ...

6 feb. 2018 - 10:00

Career Day 6 februari 2018 - Explore your future - Wageningen University & Research

Save the date: Tuesday 6 February 2018 Career Day WUR. We expect around 60 companies, you can have job interviews, lots of career workshops, and company presentations. It is re-exam ...

9 mar. 2018 - 0:00

100e Dies Natalis en aftrap jubileumjaar 100 jaar WUR

Op vrijdag 9 maart 2018 vieren wij onze 100e Dies Natalis met als thema 'Wonder of Life'. Met deze bijzondere Dies Natalis openen wij op feestelijke wijze ons 100-jarig jubileum ...

29 mar. 2018 - 19:00

Young KLV - Training Scientific English

Struggling with your English written scientific papers? Writing high-quality scientific papers, essays, thesis or application letters is not an easy job. It’s an even bigger challenge if you have ...

23 jun. 2018 - 0:00

World Wide Wageningen ‘Sustainable Food & Nutrition’

On June 23rd, an unforgettable international alumni day will take place: World Wide Wageningen. ‘Sustainable Food & Nutrition’ is the central topic. This will not only take place in Wageningen but ...

1 apr. 2019 - 19:00

KLV Professional Match - KLV-leden korting op trainingen & workshops

KLV Professional Match is dé expert in detachering en werving & selectie van masters (WO) en bachelors (HBO) in de Wageningse vakgebieden Animal, Environment, Food, Plant en Social Sciences (oftewel landbouw ...


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