An increasing number of KLV members have started an enterprise or are interested in starting up a business themselves. The educational courses at WUR are paying more attention to entrepreneurship as a career choice in its own right. KLV is accumulating statistical information about this group and is supporting (potential) entrepreneurs with various networking opportunities. KLV is a partner in a variety of initiatives in this field. 

New! KLV-members and their companies on the KLV website

KLV now offers members a new service, namely the opportunity to promote their company on the KLV website.
Maybe some good contacts between KLV members will arise from this higly appreciated initiative.  Are you interested in which companies are on the list or would you like to promote your company on our website? Please visit the special page for entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs in the KLV Update

There are a lot of KLV members who are an entrepreneur. Read here the inspiring stories of our entrepreneurial Wageningen alumni and students.


Previous studies (2005 en 2008) have examined the extent to which entrepreneurs would be prepared to provide graduates with counselling and advice about aspects of business or to act as a guest teacher. This study has provided us with a large pool of volunteers who are available to advise (potential) entrepreneurs. The KLV Advisors Network consists of a large number of Wageningen graduates working in a wide range of sectors and positions, in the Netherlands and abroad, each with their own individual experiences. These individuals are willing to answer the questions of people who are looking at the employment market or are starting their own business.
The KLV Advisors Network is only available to KLV members. Tell us what issues are bothering you and we will select the right people for you to talk to.
If you're looking for some advice, send an e mail with details of your question to secretariaat.klv@wur.nl (only available to members) – see also under members' benefits.
Note: the KLV network is only intended for acquiring information, and not as a back-door job application procedure.

Starting Entrepreneurs & StartLife

Especially among our younger members there is an increasing interest in entrepreneurship. Our business partner StartLife, plays a very important role for starters at any stage. They can give specific support and advice. The core business of StartLife is guiding, advising and financing them in order to help innovative people starting up a flourishing business. Do you have the intention to start your own business? Contact StartLife to discuss the possibilities of business and go through the business plan.


The Wageningen Women’s Network (VWI) offers her members with their own company the opportunity to place their webadress on the VWI-website for free.


Startups of Wageningen University on You Tube

Check also the videos of some of the Wageningen entrepreneurs on Youtube 'Masters in entrepreneurship'. 




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