Career Data

Where do Wageningen graduates end up working? Statistics about WUR-alumni in the labour market, arranged by their study subject.

How do Wageningen graduates get onto the labour market, where do they go to work and what do they do later on in their career? KLV has examined these questions for the following subjects.

MAB - Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering Summary
MAS - Animal Sciences Summary
MBI - Biology Summary
MBT - Biotechnology  Summary
MES - Environmental Sciences Summary
MFN - Forest and Nature Conservation Summary
MFT - Food Technology Summary
MID - International Development Studies Summary
MIL - International Land & Water Management Summary
MLP - Landscape Architecture and Planning Summary
MMS - Molecular Life Sciences Summary
MNH - Nutrition and Health Summary
MPS - Plant Sciences Summary
MME - Management, Economics & Consumer Studies Summary


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Silvia Blok - researcher employment market at Education and Student Affairs (ESA) of WUR
A: Wageningen Campus | Droevendaalsesteeg 4 | Atlas, gebouw 104 | 6708 PB Wageningen
T: +31 317 485496


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