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KLV and employment research

Where do Wageningen graduates end up working? How do WUR-alumni get onto the labour market, and what do they do later on in their career? 

Read the following interviews with Silvia Blok:

Wageningen World 4, 12/2017: Experience wanted
V-Focus, 9/2014: Opleidingen worden steeds belangrijker in agribusiness (in Dutch)
Wageningen World 3, 2014: Do women with a personal professorshop want to become professor with a chair?
Resource, 25-9-29014: Crisis not over for graduates
Resource, 13-3-2014: More work for Wageningen graduates
Wageningen World 1, 2014: Opportunities on the labour market
Resource, 28-11-2013: Wageningen graduates take longer to find jobs
Resource, 15-8-2013: Your degree as your job ticket?
Resource, 27-3-2013: A graduate. What now?
KLV Update, 5/2013: We are in a crisis... or not? How recession affects careers of WUR-alumni
KLV Update, 1/2013: 1973-2013: forty years of job market research

Read the following articles that are written for the international conference (Silvia):

Changes in the forestry labour market and the effects on curriculum development at WUR
How to specialize. A student's responsibility!

WO-monitor/National Alumni Survey

The WO-monitor (NAE) is a questionnaire about scientific education (WO) held among recent graduates (1 to 1.5 years after graduation) of Dutch universities.


Careermonitor: job prospects WUR-alumni still very good. 

Career data

Statistics about Wageningen graduates in the labour market, arranged by study subject: where do WUR-alumni end up working? 

MSc Programme evaluation

MSc Programme evaluation: this report focuses on the responses to labour market questions.

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