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KLV and employment research

Where do Wageningen graduates end up working? How do Wageningen graduates get onto the labour market, and what do they do later on in their career? 

Read the following interviews with Silvia Blok, researcher employment market at KLV, about research employment market of Wageningen alumni:

Wageningen World 4, December 2017: Experience wanted
V-Focus, september 2014: Opleidingen worden steeds belangrijker in agribusiness (in Dutch).
Wageningen World, nr 3, 2014: Do women with a personal professorshop want to become professor with a chair?
Resource, 25 September 29014: Crisis not over for graduates
Resource, 13 March 2014: More work for Wageningen graduates
Wageningen World nr 1, 2014: Opportunities on the labour market
Resource, 28 November 2013: Wageningen graduates take longer to find jobs
Resource, 15 August 2013: Your degree as your job ticket?
Resource, 27 March 2013: A graduate. What now?
KLV Update, May 2013: We are in a crisis... or not? How the recession is affecting the careers of Wageningen alumni.
KLV Update, Januari 2013: 1973-2013: forty years of job market research.

Read the following articles that are written for the international conference (SILVA):

Changes in the forestry labour market and the effects on curriculum development at Wageningen University.
How to specialize. A student's responsibility!

WO-monitor/National Alumni Enquete

The WO Monitor is a questionnaire about scientific education (WO) held among recent graduates (1 to 1.5 years after graduation) of Dutch universities.


Careermonitor: job prospects Wageningen alumni still very good. 

Career data

Where do Wageningen graduates end up working? Statistics about Wageningen graduates in the labour market, arranged by their study subject.

MSc Programme evaluation

MSc Programme evaluation: this report focuses on the responses to labour market questions.


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T: +31 317 485496


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