Thesis prize WUF-KLV

Thesis prize

The WUF-KLV Thesis prize is for Wageningen University students who have written an excellent thesis or publication in the master phase of their study.

One of the winners of the four domains will also win an overall excellent thesis prize.

The jury bases its judgment on the technical-scientific quality, written presentation, application in practice and the quality of research in the scientific field of the thesis.

The prizes are granted bij KLV. Every winner receives €500. The overall winner receives €1.000.

The prize

The thesis prize winner of each domain will receive €500, a bronze sculpture of the ‘Wageningen Tree’ by Sjoerd Buisman, a certificate and a jury report.

The overall prize winner for the WUF-KLV Thesisprize 2012/2013 is KLV member Ties van de Laar, he received €1.000.
The festive and public prize ceremony has taken place on 12 February 2014 during the Winter Annual Introduction Days of Wageningen University in the Orion building on Wageningen campus.

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