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Michiel Klaassen, Plant Sciences (PhD)

I have enjoyed my life in Wageningen. Not only the education but also personal contacts and extracurricular activities have enriched my me. The activities of Young KLV have helped me to build up a network and find a very interesting internship.

Jesse Bobeldijk, International Development Studies (PhD)

KLV opened its network for me and provided me with business coaches for student entrepreneurs, diverse career opportunities and a spring board to extracurricular activities. Now while I'm starting my professional career, KLV is my link to Wageningen!

Roel Poot, MSc Food Technology (PhD)

Part of my student period, I was a student ambassador for KLV.  This was in the period that student membership was relatively new and for the first time a stand was arranged at the introduction day market. Not knowing what to expect goodiebags were arranged to trigger the students to be, among the things they would get after subscription was a fleece blanket (known to some as a plaid) and a bag. After a slow start it turned out we hit bull’s eye, Paul den Besten spend the rest of the day getting more goodiebags with his carrier and we were trying to keep up to subscribe everyone.  At five o’clock we realised that the flood of people stopped and we survived. We decided to celebrate this experience with a refreshing drink at the market square where we counted approximately 300 new subscriptions.  This number has been rising ever since!

Jettie van den Houdt, Biology - Graduated in 1994

It was more or less a coincidence that I started my study Biology in Wageningen in 1975. I already finished a HBO study and wanted to continue studying. And of course for me that had to be Biology. But Wageningen? In never regretted my choice. I enjoyed all the typical aspects of studying in Wageningen: excursions towards the Pyrenees, Oland in Sweden, our own islands, (student) traineeship abroad at the university of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, interesting items such as insect-plant relations, integrated pest control, nature conservation, hydrobiology. I enjoyed it all and still I earn my money in a complete different field. I’m a so-called ‘zzp-er’ and coach and train people in all kind of communication skills. But I prefer to do this outdoors in a natural environment! For me KLV en VWI are important to keep in touch with colleagues. And … Wageningen is still the place to be for me, I never left!

Gerrianne Jansen, Alumna T20 - Graduated in 1997

In 1991 I started my studies in Wageningen. From Markelo to the city! All worked out very good. KLV is always a pleasant professional partner for us as alumni.  During my studies I was wondering what would be important to choose. In a talk with Bas Kemp he advised me to study the things I liked and not what I thought what would be important. And that was an advice that I remember until today. Wageningen brought me a lot. Skills, knowledge, and last but not least friends!

Willem Geluk, Alumnus - Graduated in 1961

About KLV... My first reaction was to think of the big day in the IAC when Prof. Cees Veerman was the chairman of the day, and it was precisely on that day that we heard that he was going to become the "front man" for the University and the Institutes. Marian and Cis quickly arranged some flowers, and I was able to make the public announcement after lunch. He then told a perfect anecdote about his father, who had always wanted him to go and study in Wageningen and would now probably be sitting there "radiant with delight" on his cloud.


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