MSc Programme evaluation

The MSc Programme evaluation is a questionnaire filled out by MSc graduates upon graduation. This report is a compilation of the graduates’ questionnaires covering the period October, November and December 2012.

While the questionnaire mainly evaluates the MSc Programme, questions related to the labour market are also included on the form. This report focuses on the responses to labour market questions.

Resultaten evaluatie 2016-2017 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie 2015-2016 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie 2014-2015 (in Dutch) 

Resultaten evaluatie 2013-2014 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie voorjaar 2014 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie najaar 2013 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie 2012-2013 (in Dutch)

Results MSc Programm evaluation graduates autumn 2012

Results MSc Programm evaluation graduates spring 2013

Resultaten evaluatie 2011-2012 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie voorjaar 2012 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie najaar 2011  (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie 2010-2011 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie voorjaar 2011 (in Dutch)

Resultaten evaluatie najaar 2010 (in Dutch)


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