Leniger Lecture 2017 - Biorefinery for Food

The Leniger Bruin Kühn Fund organizes a lecture with the theme: "Biorefinery for Food". The Fund stimulates excellent education and innovative research in food technology and food safety. The following expert speakers will give their point of view on the theme: Charis Galanakis, Wim Mulder, Angelica Tamayo and Ronald Visschers. The lecture starts at 14.30 pm in Orion building on Wageningen Campus and will be chaired by Remko Boom. Afterwards participants are invited for a network drink.

If you would like to join this lecture, please send an email to ufw@wur.nl.

More information can be found on the WUR website


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Gerrit Hiemstra 🐰@GerritHiemstra

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Marc Lamers@marc_lamers

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