KLV-conference 'Inspired by Uncertainty' POSTPONED TO FALL

In June 2017, the KLV-conference would take place. Due to disappointing registrations, the conference has been postponed to the autumn. You will be informed about the new date through this website and emails.

Note: 1st of October is a fictional date to allow us to place this message in the event overview on the website. 


The theme of the event will be ‘uncertainty’, because in a world where nothing is certain, everything is possible! That is why the conference got the title ‘Inspired by Uncertainty’.

The conference will consist of an interesting mix of plenary lectures and workshops, networking and a meetup party. You are cordially invited to join this memorable event. We look forward to your visit!

Do you want to register? Please use the English registration form.

With kind regards, Hans Swinkels and Jannemarie de Jonge, KLV board

For whom?
All KLV members, Wageningen alumni and students. KLV members get a discount on the admission fee.

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Chairmen & Guest speakers, click here 

♦ Friday 23 June:

Afternoon workshops - first round, click here 

Afternoon workshops - second round, click here

Speed date session with career coaches
When you register for the speed date session with career coaches, you will receive many pointers on your (starting/future) career in a short time! You can ask the coaches any questions you might have about starting a career. The speed date session might benefit you, even when you have been working for quite a while already and would like help from someone ‘outside’.

Guided tour of the campus 
Has it been a while since you last visited Wageningen Campus and would you like to hear more about the interesting buildings (like Forum, Orion and Atlas) on the terrain? Register for the guided tour by a student

♦ Saturday 24 June:

Breakfast sessions with professors and alumni, click here

Morning workshops, click here

KLV Annual General Assembly

All KLV members are cordially invited to join the general assembly after the conference. The final agenda will be published on the KLV website two weeks prior to the meeting. Topics certain to be discussed are: 1) Financial statements of 2016; 2) Annual report 2016; 3) Budget for 2018. Please mail to secretariaat.klv@wur.nl in case you would like to join. 

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Accommodation in and around Wageningen, click here

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Gerrit Hiemstra 🐰@GerritHiemstra

Mooi om terug te kijken: De zomer van... Peter Kuipers Munneke https://t.co/Z4Ewc4BHfP
23 hours, 10 minutes


Nomineer dé mooiste productie over voedsel en/of leefomgeving voor University Fund #Wageningen #Persprijs 2017! https://t.co/mwFz0WqgpW
1 day, 22 hours

Marc Lamers@marc_lamers

Studiepuntenspreekuur voor ouders student - https://t.co/AtBrN8epo8 https://t.co/KV2ldQ5185 via @WUR
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Aalt Dijkhuizen@AaltDijkhuizen

Prachtig rapportcijfer voor de NL boer. En terecht! Slechts 4% negatief. Heel anders dan de berichtgeving ons vaak… https://t.co/nUjQM3EM2I
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